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  • "I usually bought my pool equipment from a local guy in town, but when a friend recommended QStix I decided to give them a try. Best decision I've made so far. Thanks for all the help guys."
    -Richard Engleson; Houston, TX.
  • "Wow! I can't believe how fast my stuff got here. I wanted to completely refurbish my gaming room and you guys really sold me with your selection of Harley Davidson equipment. You've got yourself a new fan."
    -Peter Stauffer; Topeka, KS.
  • "After a small issue with some out of stock cues I ended up with everything I originally wanted...and the shipping was fantastic. I can't say enough about the customer support at QStix. You guys rock!"
    -Scott Graham; Portland, OR.
  • "Okay, where do I even begin? From the start these guys were there to answer my questions. You can tell when someone really knows a lot about pool, and man do these guys know their business. This is the second time I've purchased from QStix, and it won't be my last. They even threw in a free case with my order. Ya'll are the best."
    -Zach Mahaffey; Boone, NC.
  • "I didn't think it would be this easy to buy billiard equipment online. Usually I grab my replacement cues at this big corporate place about 45 minutes away from my house, but why make the drive? I got everything without leaving the house, and they actually did ship the same day, just like they promised."
    -George Bascomb, New York, NY.
  • "First I wanted to order a Jim Beam stick, but it was only being delivered to Florida, so I was offered to order another stick or to get my money back. I chose another stick, which is Action - Impact 12 - Blood Cue, from Values Series and a case. It didn't take very long for me to get my stick. The shipping process took approximately 2 days. I'm very happy with my stick. Thank u guys a lot."

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Welcome to QStix

The sleek touch of a brand new maple cue. The hard smack of resin on wood, the clatter of balls mixed with a soft whisper as they glide across the pristine wool surface - a perfect break. At QStix, we understand that having the best billiard equipment is critical for your game. We also know how important it is to get affordable pool equipment that won't break the bank.

Choose from a wide selection of prices and styles to match your individual needs.We offer daily discounts on all of our top billiard equipment as well as special perks when you place a large order. You will find all the top billiard brands on our site for a fraction of the cost as anywhere else, brands like Harley Davidson, Rage, Predator, Griffin, and Hampton, to name a few.

Don't miss our huge selection of accessories either, with everything from name brand cue stands to high quality table accessories and everything in between. QStix truly offers the best selection in town, not to mention our acclaimed customer support and lightning fast same day shipping. You won't regret purchasing from QStix.

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